China Ts Factory Seller 0f Pet Sullies Produced Cat Scratcher Super Odor Control and Toilet Flashing Various Scent Pea Litter and Tofu Cat Litter with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Item Description

Item: plant-primarily based cat litter(pea cat litter and tofu cat litter)
Ingredients: Pea Cat Litter (Ts Pea Fiber, Corn CZPT ch, Guar Gum) 
Tofu Cat Litter(Soybean Residue   Edible CZPT ch Guar Gum )  
Variety: TSA(Pea cat litter)  TSB(Tofu cat litter)
Clumping: two-3seconds
Water Absorption: Sturdy H2o absorption 300%
Dust: Low
H2o Articles: <10%
Duration: 10mm-15mm
Diameter: 2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm
Form: Strip
Fragrance: TSA :Authentic ,Eco-friendly tea,Sakura,Strawberry,Charcoal,Lemon,Lavender,Environmentally friendly Apple,Honey Peach,Lime,Watermelon,
Apple,Cherry,Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.a,Peppermint,Coffee and so forth.  
TSB:Unique,Sakura,Green Tea,Strawberry,Charcoal,Lemon,Lavender,Green Apple,Honey Peach,Lime ,Milk.and so on.
Color: White,Eco-friendly,Pink,Purple,Grey,Brown,Yellow,and so forth
Packaging: 2.4KG/6L,2.5KG/6L,2.8KG/8L,OR Custimized
Shelf daily life: 24 Month
MOQ: 5 Tons/Scent
Supply Time: fifteen-twenty five Doing work Days
Sample: Sure
Location of origin: HangZhou,China

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Packaging & CZPT



Q1:Are you manufacturing unit or trading company?
A: We are skilled manufacturing facility which produce tofu cat litter and cat scratcher for global industry about ten years.

Q2:What is your MOQ?
A: Normally 10Tons (20ft) for every fragrance is requested as the least purchase amount. 5 Tons would be approved of CZPT normal section , distinct scents CZPT blended into 1 container. The MOQ of packing bag is ten thousand pcs for every design and style.

Q3:Do you offer you cost-free samples?
A: Yes. We could offer you cost-free samples, but the courier price must be compensated by your facet.

This autumn:What is your Well-liked package deal dimension? 
A: Tofu Cat Litter, Sort: Standard 3.0mm Striped 2.0mm Striped 2.5mm Striped
Common deal: 6L: 2.4kg , 7L:2.8kg. Also can do CZPT ized dimensions.

Q5:Can I do CZPT ?
A: Sure. We have CZPT very own factory and cooperated bundle bag manufacturing facility and box factory. We could create cat litter and the package deal luggage and box as your demands.

Q6:How about the CZPT ing time?
A: For the current package deal bags , ten operate days for 1 20ft container (10Tons). For New CZPT makes, it requires 10-15 function days to create the new luggage, and the whole leading time would be twenty-twenty five perform times. For repeated CZPT manufacturers, the leading time would be 10 days.

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Standard attribute for plant-based mostly cat litter:
one.H2o absorption speed:
The cat’s urine can be rapidly absorbed that it will be affected the primary experience of deodorization, durability, clumping and handling comfort right.The absorption speed can achieved to 2-3seconds for CZPT TSA tofu cat litter, so that the urine will not stream out ( transverse)but will penetrate and absorb vertically downwards. Right after clumped, it will turn out to be a cone with out adhesiontracking and so on. It can be shoveled out instantly. Simple and fast ! Meanwhile, With the extremely large water absorption and can up to three hundred%, the a lot more liquid can be absorbed with the same volume of cat litter.
2. Clumping:
Clumping is the primary reference attribute of the conclude client experience. The quality of clumping, hardness, speed and other characteristics of tofu cat litter will have an effect on CZPT er encounter directly, and it is also the main foundation for whether or not tofu cat litter is recognized by CZPT ers.With the extremely CZPT water absorption pace and the cluster velocity for CZPT TSA tofu cat litter, it can be fashioned soon after the urine is absorbed entirely, the cluster is smaller sized than the related merchandise.
3:Go over odor potential
This is a really important criterion to influence the CZPT ers knowledge, the nicely coated odor ability of the products can perfect to solve this concern, for the really heavy cat urine odor here. Typically, base on the very sturdy h2o absorpation capatity of CZPT TSA tofo cat litter, which can speedily and successfully lock the h2o and absorb it right away soon after the urine is discharged, which can efficiently cover the odor, but also want to be cleanse up in time to steer clear of the cat’s peculiar scent. Inevitably, some sudden difficulties(like: the cat squander was not cleaned up timely or undesirable digestion etc.) so, some of the meals-quality flavors and colours can be added into the mass manufacturing, it can impact go over the odor and boost the CZPT er expertise, and give far more option for finish CZPT er.

Our showcased and CZPT d cat litter
Insert the diverse colour to be satisfy the need for end shoppers.All of CZPT incorporating color ended up accord with food-grade, with out any industry additives. Even however cats fed will not have an effect on the health.
two: CZPT plant binder/guar gum
The binder is the root cause of the clumping of tofu cat litter. The raw material of cat litter does not have binding CZPT , so the binder is extra. It is an indispensable aspect of tofu cat litter, which right affects the development of tofu cat litter.  Our additive is all-natural pure guar gum which will not impact human and pets. But some of the goods to flow into on the marketplace have been employed to industrial-quality glue, it is un-seafer for pet, you can check with the cluster of cat litter to dissolve to check out the additive.
three.Water content:
The water articles is an important criterion to decide the solution quality, refer to the common criterion is 6% to thirteen%. The Water articles will be influenced to cat litter.With the substantial water articles granules that it will be simple to clump and also will brought on to the mico. Rising. Minimal utilization charge, inadequate drinking water absorption, minimal dust. The quantity is scaled-down than standard or low water articles products evaluate with the same bodyweight. (this will be easy to understand)With the reduce water content granules, it is extremely dry and light-weight, and will be straightforward to retailer and inhibit the mico. effectively. But the only a single defect is simple to split and dust.Adopting with the large temperature steam drying gear by the drying procedure from suface to center of cylinder for CZPT TSA product, the water content material can be controlled in 6% to 8%, with the low moisture positive aspects that some features of product will be reflected, like: a lot more brittle, minimal moisture, excellent water absorption, higher-use,longevity and so forth. meanwhile, enhanced the particle hardness to avoid the dust problem and less complicated to retain even in summer time will not be effortless to moldy or agglomerate.

China Ts Factory Seller 0f Pet Sullies Produced Cat Scratcher Super Odor Control and Toilet Flashing Various Scent Pea Litter and Tofu Cat Litter with ce certificate top quality Good price