China Four Wheel Aligner Wheel Alignment for Sale with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Product Description
Standard configuration
Cupboard: 1 set of compact wheeled cabinet with built -in power and charging system.
Sensor: 4 sensors with touch-key, customized logo and text interface, ergonomic design and operation.
Battery: 4 Lithium batteries with high capacity and long life.
Charging system: equipped with intelligent charging system with switching power supply.
Laptop:   1 set of computer.
Keep track of: 1 set of 19″ LCD Monitor.
Printer: 1 set of colorful ink   printer.
Clamp: 4 pcs of 11″-21″ self centering 4 point tire clamps (with locking rope).
Turntable: 2 pcs of perfectly designed mechanical turntable.
Steering Wheel lock: 1 set of steering wheel fixer.
Brake lock: 1 set of brake pedal fixer.
Technical Characteristics
one.  8 beam infrared CCD image recognition and measurement technology has strong ability of self adapting to ambient light, 360° measuring the chassis with high precision, has the widest range of adaptability.
2.  New generation ‘Zigbee’ wireless communication technology for replacing outdated Bluetooth. With stronger networking capacity, greater reliability, lower energy-consumption and faster date transmission over longer distance.
three.  Mutual control between sensor and computer, avoiding operator to run back and forth between sensor and computer.
four.  The function of measurement and alignment still available when power fails.
five.  Windows XP and Windows 7 operating system, LCD display.
6   With multiple language voice guidance, it is easy to t learn to how to operate.
7.  3D animation navigation and training video.
eight. Data freezing program (JACK-Keep) for alignment adjustment and auto parts replacement on lift, without worrying about fluctuation and change of measured data.
9. Being able to measure super low chassis and small tires, it extends the measuring scope.
ten. Lift runaway calibration and compensation, guaranteeing accurate alignment even on lift runaway out of level.
11.  When aligning front tires, it is not necessary to connect the sensor of rear tire.
12.  180°offset compensation, bringing more accuracy.
13. The international authorative vehicle database, authorized by British Auto Data, covers more than 20000 types of small cars. The database will be updated online twice each year.
14. The system has the function of self diagnosis, repair and correction, including sensor unified correction and individual correction.
fifteen. Customer’s vehicle alignment plan and management record the alignment state and optimize the alignment steps and key points.
16. The operation status recorder (Black Box), recording and reviewing the alignment history, assures the proper use and quick problem diagnosis.
Technical Specification

Specification Product Accuracy Assortment
Front wheel toe ±1′ ±2.6°
camber ±1′ ±10°
caster ±3′ ±20°
steering axle inclination ±3′ ±20°
set back ±1′ ±10°
Rear wheel toe ±1′ ±2.6°
camber ±1′ ±10°
thrust -angle ±1′ ±10°

packing size:  850*1180*1120mm
N.W:  220KG
G.W:  250KG


Tapered bushings provide a minimal-cost, basic, and quickly method of securing sprockets, pulleys, and couplings on regular metric and imperial shafts in a range of common business tolerances and finishes. The tapered surfaces on the bearing pad and mating hub are driven with each other by high-strength screws, permitting the split bearing pad to shrink securely onto the shaft. Robust clamping force allows high torque transfer with no the fretting concerns associated with a straightforward important actuation.
China Four Wheel Aligner Wheel Alignment for Sale with ce certificate top quality Good price