China At2910 Car, Trucks and Vehicles X-ray Security Inspection Scanner with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Cargo and Automobile Inspection System


AT2910 is developed by Safeway Inspection System Minimal as a passenger autos security screening technique, to support rapidly detect unsafe merchandise and contraband concealed in the motor vehicle, such as weapons, explosives, medicines, smuggled merchandise, etc.. When the driver and passengers exterior the automobiles, free of charge from radiation, the scHangZhou program go on the rail to scan. It might equip 200KV or 320 KV x-ray generator on the side and L-formed detectors, offering large penetration, optimized viewing angle and substantial definition images

AT2910 is utilised to scan automobile, bus, box car, and many others at the entrance of the parking lot and important federal government structures, road visitors checkpoints, CZPT s, border inspection ports, and large event venues. The program can be flexibly built in accordance to CZPT er requirements and problems of the set up web site. It can be integrated with License Plate CZPT gnition Method, real-time video clip and genuine-time capture to meet various undertaking specifications.

Merchandise highlights

Cellular scHangZhou: Mobile design and style to shift the scHangZhou program on rail with out a driver to travel the car.

Tiny footprint: The construction region of AT2900 is very small, and no extra base construction is essential.

Twin-vitality imaging: AT2910 can execute automatic material identification, which can distinguish between organics, inorganic matters and hard-to-penetrate metallic objects. It helps operators rapidly discover a range of unsafe things.

Automated License Plate CZPT gnition(ALPR) choice: In accordance to different CZPT er demands, we can combine computerized license plate recognition.

Scanned photos(300KV)

Specialized requirements

  • Tunnel dimension:                         3 (W) * 3 (H) m (can be CZPT ized)
  • ScHangZhou pace:                 .2m/s
  • Steel penetration:                fifty mm by 200KV, 70mm 300KV
  • Spatial resolution:                Vertical 2mm/Horizontal 1.3mm
  • X ray dose for every inspection:   <7.2 μSv by 200KV
  • X ray leakage:                     <5 μSv/h, anywhere 10m away from the generator of the system
  • Noise:                                 <65dB(A) , anywhere 1m away from the system
  • Detector condition:                   CZPT resolution L-formed detector line
  • Security regular:                 Meet the specifications of GB15208.-2005
  • Electricity use:            CZPT imum 4KVA
  • Console:                             24-inch exhibit
  • Movie Protection:                         Assure ASA/ISO1600 Movie

X-ray generator (twin power)

  • X-ray generator:                  200KV, sealed oil cooling, optional 320KV
  • Ray course:                      From side

Imaging program

  • Operator employs password to login.
  • Checked car info record, knowledge query, user administration, actual-time curve, playback, and so forth.
  • Picture operate: shade / black and white, enhance, over enhance, reverse coloration, spotlight / darken, Shade / black and white imaging, neighborhood enhancement, tremendous improvement, reverse color, natural and organic stripping, inorganic stripping, brightening, darkening, zoom in / out (1-64), and many others.
  • Genuine-time video true-time capture (Choice).

Computer and other                 

  • Monitor                               A single 24-inch Lcd monitor, 1920*1080
  • Console                              A console which can lock the display and keyboard      
  • CPU                                    Intel (R) i3 (R) 3.3GHz  
  • RAM                                   4GB      
  • Tough Disk                            2T  
  • Keyboard                            Specific designed 
  • Platform                              Windows 7 or Home windows 10

Operating setting

  • Working temperature / humidity:      5 ° C ~ 45 ° C / 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
  • Storage temperature / humidity:         -twenty five ° C ~ fifty ° C /10% ~ ninety five% (non-condensing)
  • Electricity supply:                                  AC220V ± 20%, fifty~60Hz ±3Hz

Radiation protection

  • The control area is as beneath. The x-ray leakage at the border of the region is <5 μSv/h
  • Protection partitions of barium sulfate plate, 3m(duration) * 2.5m (top), transferring with the system.
  • The dimension of the rain lose for car inspection program is 15m (length) * 6m (width) * 6.5m (net height), with Cement shielding wall
  • Further ramps, highway barrier and car top limit body are set up on each sides of the detection channel.


  • The height can be altered. The determine 800mm over demonstrates the scHangZhou blind region, which can be minimized by lower the rail to beneath floor.
  • Previously mentioned is created for box automobile and below is developed for fifty five-seat bus.

Development work

  • Early stage leveling
  • Rain shed basis earthwork and construction such as products foundation
  • X-ray radiation protection wall
  • Grounding and lightning security of structures
  • Ramps, road barrier and car height limit body
  • Products set up and commissioning
  • Civil CZPT , drinking water and CZPT source
  • Electrical/automatic cables

Set up Reference



How does a tapered bushing work? The tapered portion of the element is driven through a substantial-power screw with a mating hub, enabling the bushing to be securely mounted to the shaft. The force of the clamp can transmit large torque (rotational pressure). This style ensures that a productively set up sprocket and pulley shaft are aligned with simple positioning.
China At2910 Car, Trucks and Vehicles X-ray Security Inspection Scanner with ce certificate top quality Good price