China Super Silent Type 30 kVA Diesel Generator Set with Weichai Ricardo N4105ds-38 Engine with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

Item Description

Tremendous CZPT Variety thirty KVA Diesel CZPT Established with CZPT chai Ricardo N4105DS-38 Motor


1) CZPT ed by unique RICARDO water-cooled diesel engine.
2) CZPT silent design, soundproof & water-evidence make sure outdoor use.
three) Manufacturer new GENLITEC (STAMFORD engineering) a hundred% cooper solitary bearing alternator with insulation class H and IP23.
4) 50ºC radiator with motor driven admirer mounted on skid based mostly body.
five) Established mounted automatic control panel with SMARTGEN electronic controller and emergency quit button.
six) Original DELIXI brand moulded circumstance circuit breaker (MCCB) mounted.
seven) CZPT 9 dB muffler exhaust program, totally free-upkeep battery, complete established of user’s handbook.
8) Flexible fuel traces and lube oil, drinking water & gas drain cocks.
nine) CZPT responsibility fabricated metal based mostly body with built-in variety gasoline tank for 8-10 several hours ongoing running.
10) Normal Shrink wrap packing approach (Plywood packing box as optional).
eleven) With prime lifting points and built-in foundation frame sort forklift holes for effortless transfer and transportation.
twelve) CZPT door locks, hardwares for CZPT life managing.
13) twelve/24V DC electric begin technique with VATRA brand name free-upkeep batteries & SMARTGEN manufacturer float battery charger.
fourteen) Based mostly frame with oil/gas/coolant drain ports for straightforward maintenance.

GENLITEC CZPT gives a full line of manufacturer new and higher good quality items.
Every single and each device is strictly manufacturing facility tested before shipment.
one) Parts faults tests
2) Gasoline tank pressure testing
3) Bolt tightening torque tests
four) Portray thickness testing
5) Voltage bearing and insulation screening
6) Sounds screening
7) Loading Tests: twenty five%, fifty%, seventy five%, one hundred%, one hundred ten% load to examine validate that all handle techniques, alarm and shut-down defense.

Δ CZPT Offer
one) CZPT therproof canopy / Soundproof canopy / Trailer-mounted
2) Engine / Alternator Pre-heaters
3) CZPT load sharing & synchronization panel
four) Develop-in ATS (Vehicle begin & cease Primary Failure (AMF)
5) Big 12/24 several hours gasoline tank
six) CZPT output sockets

Item Parameters

Δ 50Hz, 1500RPM, 3-Phase, 4-WIRES, 220/380V 230/400V/ 240/415V

GWF15D5 GWF15S5 twelve fifteen thirteen 17 Y485BD 14KW S164G12.8
GWF20D5 GWF20S5 16 twenty 18 22 N4100DS-thirty 30KW S184G18
GWF25D5 GWF25S5 twenty twenty five 22 28 N4100DS-30 30KW S184G22
GWF30D5 GWF30S5 24 30 26 33 N4100DS-thirty 30KW S184G25
GWF38D5 GWF38S5 thirty 38 33 41 N4105DS-38 38KW S184G30
GWF45D5 GWF45S5 36 45 40 fifty N4105DS-46 46KW S224G40
GWF50D5 GWF50S5 forty fifty forty four 55 N4105ZDS 56KW S224G40
GWF60D5 GWF60S5 48 60 53 sixty six N4105ZDS 56KW S224G45
GWF68D5 GWF68S5 54 sixty eight fifty nine 74 N4105ZLDS 66KW S224G58
GWF75D5 GWF75S5 60 75 66 83 R4105BZLDS 74KW S224G68
GWF88D5 GWF88S5 70 88 seventy seven ninety six R6105ZDS 84KW S224G68
GWF100D5 GWF100S5 80 a hundred 88 a hundred and ten R6105ZLDS 100KW S274G80
GWF125D5 GWF125S5 a hundred a hundred twenty five 110 138 R6105AZLDS 121KW S274G112
GWF150D5 GWF150S5 one hundred twenty 150 132 a hundred sixty five R6105BZLDS 132KW S274G128
GWF188D5 GWF188S5 one hundred fifty 188 165 206 R6110ZLDS 170KW S274G160
GWF200D5 GWF200S5 160 two hundred 176 220 6126-68D 187KW S274G160
GWF225D5 GWF225S5 a hundred and eighty 225 198 248 6126-42D 231KW S274G180
GWF250D5 GWF250S5 200 250 220 275 6126-42D 231KW S274G200
GWF275D5 GWF275S5 220 275 242 303 6126A-260DE 250KW S314G220
GWF313D5 GWF313S5 250 313 275 344 WT12D-308E 308KW S314G250
GWF375D5 GWF375S5 three hundred 375 330 413 WT13-330DE 330KW S314G300
GWF400D5 GWF400S5 320 400 352 440 WT13-360DE 360KW S314G320
GWF450D5 GWF450S5 360 450 396 495 WT13A-390DE 390KW S314G360


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China Super Silent Type 30 kVA Diesel Generator Set with Weichai Ricardo N4105ds-38 Engine with ce certificate top quality Good price