China Printing Machinery Used Open Loop Control Variable Speed Drive VSD with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

 STAR Product:1PH/3PH-3PH CZPT machinery utilised open up loop manage variable speed drive VSD (SY8000 Series .75KW-400KW AC Push/VFD)

one. A variety of manage modes and commonly employed
two. CZPT matically recognize the motor parameters
3. RS-485 communication inferface, specifications, MODBUS protocol
four. PWM adaptable power braking, can rapidly halt machine
five. The torque output will be a hundred and fifty% when the frequency is .5Hz.
5. Far more CZPT ful when at low charge, More secure when at higher charge.
6. CZPT velocity torque output
7. CZPT -silent operating
8. Quick menu layout
9. Easy PLC, inbuilt PID adjustment
ten. Compact and legerity composition
eleven. Mate the CZPT er layout
12. Excursion suppression & Secure running
13. CZPT stability, powerful anti-interference ability
fourteen.25 protection capabilities


1. Twin-DSP + MCU + IPM high functionality, higher trustworthiness
2. CZPT matic identification of motor parameters, computerized temperature compansation
three. CZPT t by excitation, velocity up the speedy reaction to vector control
4. CZPT control and torque handle switching on the web
five. CZPT -servo lock operate
six. The frequency of CZPT wave can be up to 16k, carry out a comprehensive silent managing
seven. Regular developed-in RS485 port, matching TDS-PA01 adapter to assist the fieldbus.
8. Constructed-in PG card, developed-in brake device belows 22KW Liquid crystal display/LED optional keyboard.
Help for uploading and downloading parameters…

Product Software:

Commonly used in:
one. CZPT lurgy
3. CZPT eum
4. Textile
five. CZPT ctric CZPT
6. Developing components
7. Coal
eight. CZPT
nine. CZPT and Dyeing
ten. Cable
11. Washing
12. H2o supply
thirteen. Heating.

Product Specification:

Item description
enter Rated voltage, frequency Solitary section, 220V, 50Hz/60Hz 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Authorized fluctuation Constant voltage fluctuation: within± 10%, immediate voltage fluctuation: inside -fifteen%ten% voltage imbalance: < 3% frequency fluctuation: inside 5%.
output Voltage Single phase, 220V & 3 section, 380V
Output frequency ~600Hz.
Overload capacity one hundred fifty% rated current, 1 minutes 180% rated recent, 1 CZPT s
handle trait Command input manner By Liquid crystal display keypad, by terminals, by Personal computer by way of serial communication port.
Handle manner Open up loop vector management, V/F control.
Velocity environment technique By keypad, by analog, by Laptop via serial communication port
Velocity location precision Digital command± .01%(-ten +40)
analog command± .1%(25° C± ten)
Speed location resolution Digital command: .01Hz analog command: .1% of greatest frequency
Pace management precision Open loop vector handle: ± .5% (25° C± 10)
Pace regulation assortment Open loop vector manage: 1: 100
Torque manage response Open up loop vector management: < 200ms.
Begin torque Open up loop vector manage: 150% of rated torque at .5Hz.
Torque control precision ± 5%
  Established reference voltage provide output one port, +10V, 5mA
Control voltage source output 24V, 100mA
Analogy enter two terninal, No. 4 terminal is use for voltage, No. 5 is utilised for voltage and present input
Analog meter output 1 terminal, /4~20mA or ~10V CZPT for it
DO frequency sign output 1 port, higher-frequency signal output(programmable)
Collector open-loop output One terminal
Programmable relay output contactor capability: 250V AC/3A or 30V DC/1A
Serial communication port RS-485 connector RS485+, RS485-
four bits LED display setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output current, motor velocity, output torque, change benefit terminal, programming menu parameters and fault code.
5 indicator lamp Parameter device, Run/End standing, special standing, charging status.
Security operate Safety operate Above voltage, below voltage, recent limitation, in excess of present, overload of inverter, overload of motor, overheat, overvoltage stallout, load short circuit, stage fault.
  Safety degree IP21
Cooling manner Forced air cooling
envirenment Ambient termearture -10° C, +40° C
Termperature 2090% RH(no condensation)
Storage termperature -20° C, + 60° C
Application location indoor(no corrosive odor, dust)
Set up area Altitude is not more than 1000meter, no dust, no corrosive oder, no immediate daylight.
Vibration significantly less than5.9m/ S two


TB 1610 tapered bushings can be used in a variety of industrial applications. For correcting normal and non-regular V-belts, timing smoothing wheels, sprockets, TB hubs, couplings and other components.
China Printing Machinery Used Open Loop Control Variable Speed Drive VSD with ce certificate top quality Good price