China Vibro Pile Hammer for 20-30 Tons Excavator with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

CZPT ulic vibratory hammer is the vibratory driving piling tools which is common amongst sorts of foundation initiatives&time period
JISAN CZPT P series high frequency hydraulic vibratory pile driver is using vibrating pile sinking to drive or extract piles&period It is especially suitable for municipal&comma bridges&comma
cofferdam&comma building foundation etc&period 

Hydraulic Motor driven turntable
The latest inner gear design&comma effectively avoid the dirt and collision&comma gear is changeable&comma stable and durable&comma very reliable&excl

Ensure the gear box pressure balance&comma stable heat removal&period of time

Adopts highly efficient imported damping rubber block&period of time
Stable quality&comma long service life&excl

Adopts original imported hydraulic motor&interval
Double efficiency&comma superior quality&excl

Powerful hydraulic cylinder&commaSuper durable tooth piece&interval
Strong and never loose clip mouth is the first condition of safety construction&period 
We specially add the double pressure protection device&comma firmly lock the systempressure and then ensure the stability and reliability of the clamping plate pile&period 

Precision oil system
Special designed according to driver functions and features and effectively increasethe use of the pile driver efficiency&period

Well designed circuit control box
Adopts safety and reliable spaceflight joint&comma sufficient protects the stability of the circuit&periodThe whole circuit system&comma not only easy to install but also maintenance is convenient&interval

Adopts original imported control handle
Multifunctional integration&comma beautiful and practical&comma easy reliable installation &comma high reliabilit&time period

Detachable lazy arm and flip axis
Accurate matching with small gap&comma easy maintenance with no worries&interval

Item &sol Model DLKP 08 DLKP ten DLKP fourteen DLKP 20
Eccentric Torque&lparNm&rpar 40 50 65 eighty five
Vibration Frequency&lparRpm&rpar 2800 2800 2800 2800
Operation Pressure&lparBar&rpar 280 280 300 three hundred
Interesting Force&lparT&rpar 36 forty five 58 seventy five
Circulation CZPT d&lparLpm&rpar one hundred fifty five 168 210 255
Main Physique CZPT ght&lparKg&rpar 1450 1550 1650 1800
Excavator CZPT ght&lparT&rpar 20-24 24-32 30-40 forty-forty five
Piling Depth&lparM&rpar five-eight 6-12 seven-18 twenty
Clip mouth CZPT ght&lparKg&rpar three hundred&sol360&sol350
Assistance Arm CZPT ght&lparKg&rpar 450&sol550&sol600&sol750&sol900

&quest Decrease cost of servicing than crane hammer&time period
&quest Outstanding workability and mobility&period of time
&quest Simpler operate in crucial areas these kinds of as chaotic segment of city&comma bridge spot and
the vicinity of higher-voltage wires than crane hammer does&period of time
&quest Geared up with substantial-run hydraulic piston motor and suited bearing for
higher frequency vibration&time period
&quest Install vibro isolating rubber for higher frequency function&period
&quest Straightforward join and disconnect the hammer by the use of CZPT ‘s breaker
hydraulic strains&period of time
&quest The clamping lug can handle and transfer development objects simply&period of time
&quest Pile driving CZPT 20&percnt up in contrast to the present equipments&time period
&quest Enough use-resistant design and 360-degree revolution&period of time
The common offer contains&colon
– The body of pile driver
– Goose neck &lparvice arm&rpar
– Clamp&semi
– Components&time period
– The pile diver will be packed by plywood pallet or case
-The pile diver Will be dispatched within 5 workdays right after get

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China Vibro Pile Hammer for 20-30 Tons Excavator with ce certificate top quality Good price