China True Diversity Wireless Microphone System Handheld Microphone with ce certificate top quality Good price

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Correct Diversity Wi-fi Microphone System Handheld Microphone


This is a accurate-dimension U-phase wireless microphone method that pursues large quality and high steadiness. The sound is clear and transparent, clear and clear, and the frequency reaction is vast and straight. It is suited for different speaker methods the microphone is not utilized for the speaker. The audio of a firecracker is similar. The tremendous-cardioid capsule with anti-comments perform can convey the sweet and mellow vocals and the psychological specifics of the singing speech. It is the excellent spouse for singing and speech.
The procedure interface of the receiver is basic, making use of graphical and menu variety procedure modes, all displayed on the monitor turning the flywheel, shifting the cursor, pressing the flywheel essential to change the function parameters corresponding to the corresponding icon, and then urgent the flywheel to validate the saved parameters. There are 8 purpose icons: channel, tranquil, gain, sweep, lock, frequency, CZPT and frequency modification transmitter’s CZPT , signal energy and antenna position, total checking there are 2000 password-extra interaction frequencies, Optional, automated scHangZhou digital combination of digital pilot and sounds reduction technologies to eliminate wi-fi sign interference.


1. System operate location, employing menu procedure.
two. The receiver and transmitter are housed in a rugged steel enclosure.
three. The receiver preset merchants 200 fixed frequencies 2000 freely set frequencies, arbitrarily chosen in accordance to the twenty five kHz frequency step interval, communication furthermore password.
four. CZPT scan operate, routinely locate CZPT frequencies without interference when linking.
5. Receiver and transmitter, 1-button computerized frequency matching, the frequency of good results is marked on the receiver display screen.
six. The receiver screens the transmitter’s operating standing by wirelessly transmitting handle alerts in synchronization with the transmitter configurations:
For illustration, the receiver screens the CZPT of the transmitter displays the off or on state of the transmitter and sets the CZPT of the transmitter.
seven. CZPT -high quality real variety obtaining technology, the sign is unblocked at any time, anyplace, steady and uninterrupted.
8. Digital audio technologies and sound tranquil engineering to stop interference from wireless RF alerts.
9. MDX cooler, special compression and extended audio processing technologies, make the audio very clear and transparent.
10. The receiver sets up 4 wireless indicators to get substantial-frequency amplifiers to make certain wireless signal transmission.
eleven. Graphical system lock perform to steer clear of shifting system options at any time.



UM-920 acquiring host technical parameters

RF transmission selection UHF 630 MHz – 937 MHz
Oscillation manner PLL period lock frequency synthesis
Receiver free of charge frequency 2000 configurations, manual tuning at 25kHz
Frequency response variety 50Hz – 18kHz relying on microphone variety
Audio lock 33KHz CZPT (electronic code modulation)
Subtractive silent method Electronic pilot and sounds twin manage
Frequency steadiness ± .005%
Doing work principle of the receiver Routinely decide on (real range style)
Receiver CZPT tivity -100dBm
Audio distortion ≤ .5%
Signal to sounds ratio  > one hundred fifteen dB ( A )
Audio output amount
(balanced) 2.2 V (open) (unbalanced) – 40 dBv / 1K
Greatest output level + 10dBv
Enter impedance Asymmetric 1M ohm, balanced 40K ohm
Working distance
The perfect farthest straight line distance of a hundred meters
Antenna interface two TNC, 50 ohms
Audio interface (balanced) XLR
Audio interface (unbalanced) 6.3mm
Voltage supply DC 12V -15V
Proportions (receiver) 478mm X 190 mm X 45 mm

UM-910H Handheld Microphone CZPT nical Knowledge

Antenna Created-in
Output CZPT < 10 mW
Recent use <=110 mA
Operating several hours
(transmitter) substantial CZPT gear > 8 hrs, low CZPT gear > 12 hrs
Frequency adjustment
Infrared automated frequency matching
Audio transmission assortment (MIC) 50Hz – 18KHz
Greatest audio offset ± 68KHz
Transducer kind
Shifting coil
Audio CZPT tivity 1.6mV / Pa
Sound force level 152dB (SPL)max
Start functioning selection The best straight line distance is a hundred meters
Selecting attributes Tremendous coronary heart shape
Battery DC 2 Part 1.5 V (AA CZPT ery)
Microphone size 280 mm


China True Diversity Wireless Microphone System Handheld Microphone with ce certificate top quality Good price