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Merchandise Description

super absorption polymer tremendous h2o absorbent polymer wholesale straight

Merchandise Description
As a function polymer materials, superabsorbent polymer (SAP) has strong h2o absorbing potential.
– It can absorb hundreds occasions its weight and lock h2o firmly.
– Following absorbing, SAP powder (or granule) will change into drinking water gel.

Merchandise Name Water Retaining Agent/Super Absorbent CZPT mer/SAP
Principal ngredient Potassium CZPT acrylate/Sodium polyacrylate
Measurement 5-twenty mesh 20-80mesh thirty-100mesh
H2o Absorption 350-1200 instances (customization CZPT )
Efficient Time Type A: 2-3 a long time Type B: 5-8 a long time
Perform Drought handle / Trying to keep h2o / Increase fertilizer availability / Solidification/Drinking water Absorber
Bodily Property Non-poisonous, Harmless, CZPT polluting



Sodium polyacrylate & Potassium polyacrylate

Potassium polyacrylate will not saline soil, will not result in soil salinization, more helpful to soil and surroundings, so it is greater option for crops.

The purpose is that most crops, no subject crops or veggies, bouquets, their increasing want NPK at equilibrium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium(Kalium), they need tiny Sodium(Na+), if the dose of Sodium polyacrylate exceed typical and sodium salt will be accumulated in soil and damage crops, lead to soil salinization

Potassium CZPT acrylate is potassium based SAP, it mainly employed for agriculture for 3 rewards:

  • Potassium(Kalium) has a advantageous effect on vegetation

  • Potassium polyacrylate will not trigger soil salinization

  • Potassium polyacrylate is friendly for mother nature and surroundings

Potassium CZPT acrylate CZPT mer is able of Conserving Water, Fertilizer, Guy CZPT , Improves Nutrient usage ratio, CZPT , Soil problem, Funds Profits, and many others.

Sodium polyacrylate is sodium-primarily based SAP, based on Sodium polyacrylate, we can make a lot of customer items.

It is primarily utilised as a thickening agent because of its special potential to take in and maintain onto water molecules, generating it best for use in diapers and hair gels, and for plants in the backyard or potting soil.

Tremendous absorbent polymer is also employed to as supplies in CZPT programs, such as elctric cable powder/drinking water blocking tape,Ointment., solidifications h2o-waste/mud,Oil drilling,Mining,Tunnel CZPT and so on.

Our Largely Applications for CZPT

one.Hydrogel for large-scale agriculture
15 to thirty kg for every Hectare dosage, alongside with seeds gap software or ditch application to the soil close to the seed, the seed germination rate can effectively boost and promote seedling development. Gets achievement planting corn in the U.S, pature in arid spot of ZheJiang , potatoes grown in Cape Verde Africa, and melon generate improve a lot more than 70%.

two.Water retention agent unique for lawns and sod
SOCO® polymer is quite effortlessly employed through the progress cycle of lawns and sod. They make sure excellent germination, CZPT er root development, and standard and even expansion of lawns. The rooting of sod is also CZPT er. CZPT absorbent polymer are commonly used in landscaping for golf programs and grass in parks and gardens.

3.Water retention agent particular for mixing with fertilizers
To reduce leaching of vitamins and minerals in the soil, SOCo® CZPT mer might be combined dry into fertilizer preparations. The actions of vegetation fertilized with this mixture tends to make it achievable to preserve or even increase produce while at the exact same time defending the setting from leaching. CZPT rs’ test outcomes also demonstrate far better root development of the crops.

four.Water retention agent special for horticulture
SOCO® polymer for horticulture can be extra to the soil when plants are planted, which will increase the survival price of plants, enhance the drought resistance of plants, aid plant era, and lessen backyard care fees.

5.Water retention agent special for Arboriculture
Tremendous absorbent polymer is efficient in the planting of trees, bushes, and jungle. It helps make it feasible to reduce the mortality rate during transplanting and to increase root growth and therefore provides about a lot more speedy expansion and generation.

six.H2o retention agent unique for Transpl lanting adult trees
The use of CZPT absorbent polymer soil drinking water retention agent is 1 of the principal complex assure measures for the “website development” of huge trees with canopy transplantation.

7.Drinking water retention agent unique for vegetables
Utilizing eggplant, chiehwa, and ribbed loofah as components, two sorts of water-retaining brokers with diverse particle measurements ended up used to raise seedlings to study the impact of drinking water-retaining brokers on vegetable seedling good quality and fertility retention. The final results demonstrate that the higher the concentration of the h2o-retaining agent in the seedling substrate, the stronger the fertilizer-keeping ability of the seedling substrate, but when the concentration of the h2o-retaining agent is also substantial, it will inhibit the progress of vegetable seedlings, and the low-concentration water-retaining agent has a considerable result on advertising the growth of vegetable seedlings, and the tiny particles The seedling strengthening influence of diameter drinking water retaining agent is far better than that of huge particle dimensions water retaining agent. When the concentration of modest particle dimension h2o retaining agent is 1%, the seedling effect is the best. The plant peak, stem thickness and greatest leaf region of eggplant,chiehwa, and ribbed loofah seedlings The two attained the highest worth, and the difference was extremely considerable compared with the management.

8.Drinking water retention agent special for CZPT ing undertaking
Tremendous absorbent polymer is frequently utilized in CZPT ing venture: stabilizes freshly graded soils, preserve a bare minimum of surface area water reduces the amount of mulchprevents cellulose mulch from getting to be hardpanhelps speedy sprouting of seedlings even in dry places.

nine.Seed coating
Seed coating use SAP must be good particle dimensions of .3 mm or considerably less, soon after SAP coating the seed emergence quickly, robust and very good ailment resistance, this is the effortlessly CZPT way use SAP to crops in a drought region, which also with tiny quantity, reduced value and good performance.

Our Primarily Purposes for Market

one.Cable powder /water blocking tape,Ointment

Employed in Cable Utilized in Water-blocking Tape Used in Water-blocking Ointment
Fine powder Good powder CZPT absorption Fantastic powder with uniform measurement
Fast absorption Effectively inflation under stress ≥15mm/1 min ≥18mm/3 min Nicely resistant to cold and higher temperature
Good balance to light ,heat, acid and alkali. Excellent steadiness to mild ,warmth, acid and alkali. Great balance to gentle ,heat, acid and alkali.

2.Sewage remedy

SOCO® polymer has many established practical applications in producing, power creation, mining and several other industries. It is utilized to solidify and stabilize h2o constituents in liquid squander by-items.

The distinctive characteristic of SOCO® polymer is its ability to soak up water or organic and natural fluids, reject oil and resist bio-degradation even though retaining liquid under pressure. This helps make it an ideal stabilizing medium for squander disposal in landfills.

SOCO® polymer is a cost-preserving option to other bulk solidifiers, including Portland cement, kiln dust, corn-cobs, sawdust or other commodity absorbents.

3.Tremendous Drilling Mud Additive – CZPT Misplaced Circulation Remedies

a. Blowout

If the quantity of fluid in the properly bore drops because of to misplaced circulation (or any other explanation), hydrostatic pressure is lowered, which can allow a fuel or fluid which is beneath a increased pressure than the lowered hydrostatic strain to movement into the wellbore.An inflow of gas or fluid into the wellbore, recognized as a” kick”, which can lead to a blowout.

b. Dry Drilling

Dry drilling occurs when fluid is totally dropped from the well bore without having genuine drilling coming to a quit. The results of dry drilling variety from as minimal as destroying a little bit to as critical as significant harm to the wellbore requiring a new properly to be drilled. Dry drilling can also trigger extreme injury to the drill string, which includes snapping the pipe, and the drilling rig itself.

4.Ice pack / CZPT bag

The one sheets of CZPT Pack are activated by positioning them in fresh faucet drinking water.

The super absorbent polymer will consider up the water instantaneously, within 20 minutes it has taken up sufficient water to sort cushion form ice cubes.

Then you can spot it into freezer before use.

five.Sandbag substitute: Drinking water-Activated Sandless Sandbags

Conventional anti-flood Sandbag option, reusable, Water-Activated Sandless Sandbag is loaded with super absorbent polymer (SAP).
Excess weight: .3kg (prior to absorbing), 20Kg (following absorbing)

Bag substance: CZPT -woven materials / linen layer (with cotton cloth inner)
Filler: SAP (super absorbent polymer, an eco-helpful drinking water absorbent substance)

Our Primarily Apps for Hygienic field

Many thanks to SOCO® absorbent content – CZPT high-tech absorbent substance.

It provides a new, specifically developed absorbent layer which assists customers simulate a dry procedure in vacuum packaging – with amazing final results.

It is utilised to take in the baby’s urine or feces leftover liquid, and give a dry area for the little one.

SAP for diapers has good permeability, powerful absorptive capacity, and upkeep capability. It will not occur to return the infiltration phenomenon underneath a certain force.

Organization profile

Started in 2009, HangZhou SOCO New Content Co., Ltd. is a contemporary higher-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production, marketing and advertising, and provider of SOCO model macromolecule polymer goods. At existing, HangZhou SOCO has launched a collection of more than 30 kinds and specs of items, which includes agricultural quality SAP, industrial-quality SAP,hygienic grade SAP.

We have more than four hundred valued clients in far more than 60 countries and regions this kind of as Germany, the CZPT CZPT dom, CZPT , Russia, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Australia, the CZPT States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Kazakhstan. Stan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. SOCO items with a great reputation and popularity have been broadly identified by CZPT ers in the intercontinental industry.


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1.Are you factory or trading organization?

We are the manufacturing facility of two kinds of SAP CZPT absorbent polymer with in excess of ten years.

We are exporting to all more than the globe, eg.: North CZPT ica, CZPT pe, South CZPT ica, India, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, etc. We are devoted to supplying with the Best high quality, Realistic price, Exceptional provider.

2.Can i get some sample for the path?

Yes, we offer sample for your test at take a look at-volume for cost-free.

Coz of the sample is less in fat, we can only ship it by air, we are going to demand the price for air freight.

three.Why your value is not lowest?

Of training course, If you asked 10 suppliers, I believe that there would be 10 diverse costs. But I am self-assured that CZPT quotation is the sensible one particular.

Every firm makes the quotation will accord to generation cost and profit. Our value will be the identical line with CZPT good quality.

Please by no means neglect “you get what you pay for”. We are inclined to trade the minimum volume of earnings for the CZPT and the prospect for CZPT first cooperation.

four.What is the min get amount?

By sea, the min get quantity is 500kg.

By the air, there is no any limit for amount.

5.This is my 1st time to import, i do not know the approach, how should i do?

Will not fret about that, we’ll aid you offer with the total method.

We have various region transport agent, if you are the first time to import, they will be professional and give you the best price tag and deal with every thing of transport. They will source CZPT clearance and transportation support from the vacation spot port to your stock.


China Sap Potassium Acrylate Polymer Hydrogel Powder for Plants Factory Price with ce certificate top quality Good price