China Outdoor Front Maintence LED Floor Tile Screen with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description


Outside  Front Upkeep LED Floor Video Display


(1) CZPT -intensity luminescence, underneath the refraction of daylight, the screen surface articles can be presented in substantial-definition in the visible range.
(2) The grey control degree is higher. It can use 1571 to 4096 grey scale handle to display colors above sixteen.7M plainly and vividly, ensuring a tremendous 3-dimensional graphic.

(3) The driving CZPT is large, and the scHangZhou approach is mostly static latching to make certain higher-depth brilliant gentle.
(4) In purchase to ensure the very best playback influence, the gentle can be fairly managed by way of the automated adjustment function beneath various history environments. 
(5) Circuit integration mainly uses huge-scale imported devices to improve the dependability of procedure and facilitate maintenance and debugging.

(6) Utilize present day electronic processing technological innovation to procedure video, and primarily decide on technologies distribution approach for scHangZhou. 
The layout provides modularity, adopts static continuous present travel, and automatically adjusts the brightness, thereby attaining high fidelity of the photo, no ghosting, and enhancing the image and the clarity of the photo
(7) There are CZPT sorts of details screen, these kinds of as icons, video clips, textual content, animation, photos, and many others., and CZPT forms of actuality, these kinds of as networking, remote truth, and many others., are the mix of widespread colors 

Technological rewards
(1) Outfitted with a complete-shade display, the introduction of much more higher-high quality imported LED dies, which makes the screen graphic substantial-definition, uniform colour, 
considerably less CZPT intake, gentle screen human body, slender monitor layer, and vast-location viewing angle, so it fails The probability is little, and it is simple to preserve and keep. 
(2) It primarily adopts the PCTV card, a multimedia display card that integrates numerous functions, with far better functionality, a lot more CZPT d acquisition approaches, correct video capture,
 and Studio editing software that matches the display card. 
(3) DVI interface engineering is comparatively CZPT d. Without the aid of A/D and D/A for conversion, the integrity of the picture graphic is guaranteed, 
the likelihood of information is diminished, and the computer graphic is entirely reproduced on the screen display screen. 
DVI can support all screen modes to make certain the stability and dependability of information exhibit even though having a number of combine

(4) Use the indoor total-color system to alleviate the concealed risks of technique screen and transmission of big quantities of sophisticated knowledge,
 and completely complete full-accurate shade restoration. Use the chip to full knowledge distribution and display duties, complete pulse output conversion on received knowledge, 
convert 8- bit (8bit) exhibit info to twelve-bit PWM, improve to 4096 (12bit) grey scale control, and attain CZPT -linear 256-level vision on the monitor Grayscale, entirely generating a accurate coloration visible satisfaction. 
(5) The drive mode adopts a consistent present system. Through its higher cost functionality, the deficiency of discreteness of the pressure drop of the LED tube is enhanced, the mosaic difficulty is conquer, 
and the picture top quality is confirmed.
 (6) Merge the mode of optical fiber transmission to minimize signal reduction throughout transmission

Indoor LED ground online video show
Fast installation
Substantial precision 
Robust versatility 
Straightforward Maintenance
1. Suitable with any module
two. CZPT precision
three. Support module magnetic suction
4. Quick installation
5. CZPT cupboard
6. 2 positioning pins, 1 electrical installation board, 3 link
items, 4 rapid locks

Parameters of Outdoor  Front Servicing LED Ground Video clip Show

  No. Density Module dimensions Module resolution ScHangZhou strategy Entrance servicing method
Entrance upkeep series P5(1921)-Outside-8S CZPT servicing 40000 320*one hundred sixty 64*32 8s Front lock screw
P5(1921)-Outdoor-8S CZPT servicing 40000 160*one hundred sixty 32*32 8s Front lock screw
P6(2727)-Outside-8S CZPT servicing 27777 192*192 32*32 8s Entrance lock screw
P8(3535)-Outdoor-4S CZPT maintenance 15625 256*128 32*sixteen 4s Front lock screw
P8(3535)-Outside-5S CZPT maintenance 15625 320*160 40*20 5s Front lock screw
P10(3535)-Out of doors-4S CZPT servicing ten thousand 320*one hundred sixty 32*16 4s Entrance lock screw
P10(3535)-Outside-2S CZPT routine maintenance 10000 320*160 32*sixteen 2s Entrance lock screw
P3.ninety one(1921)-Outside-8S CZPT servicing 65410 250*250 sixty four*sixty four 8s Entrance hexagon wrench lock gear
P4.81(1921)-Outside-7S CZPT routine maintenance 43222 250*250 fifty two*fifty two six/7s Entrance hexagon wrench lock equipment
P6.67(2727)-Out of doors-6S CZPT routine maintenance 22477 320*320 forty eight*forty eight 6s Entrance hexagon wrench lock equipment
P8(2727)-Outside-4S CZPT maintenance 15625 320*320 forty*40 4s Entrance hexagon wrench lock gear
P10(2727)-Out of doors-2S CZPT upkeep 10000 320*320 32*32 2s Entrance hexagon wrench lock gear
Light pole display screen sequence LP2.ninety four(1415)-Outside-17S 115692 two hundred*200 sixty eight*sixty eight 17s Rear maintenance-with mask
LP3.33(1921)-Out of doors-15S 90180 two hundred*two hundred sixty*60 15s Rear upkeep-with mask
LP3.eighty four(1921)-Outdoor-13S 67816 two hundred*two hundred 52*52 13s Rear routine maintenance-with mask
Strength-preserving display sequence E6(2727)-Outside-8S 27777 192*192 32*32 8s Separate CZPT source from common anode
E8(3535)-Outside-5S 15625 320*160 40*20 5s Separate CZPT provide from common anode
E10(3535)-Outside-2S 10000 320*160 32*sixteen 2s Individual CZPT source from frequent anode

Set up:

1. Suspension Variety

This installation approach is largely used indoors and semi-outdoor such as the entrances of passages, corridors, stations, railway stations and subway stations, and so forth. The design and style of display physique usually adopts built-in cabinet style or hoisting composition design and style.

two. Inlaid Sort

The complete LED screen panel is embedded in the wall. The display airplane is in the exact same level with the wall area. Typically, it adopts straightforward box
design and style and CZPT upkeep style. This set up approach is employed equally indoors and outdoor such as constructing entrances, creating halls, and so on, but it is five.Hook up the CZPT cable and signal cable
normally used to screens with little spacing and little screen location.   on the back again of the cabinet to another cabinet
3. Column Type                                          in flip.(Observe: the cabinet faces the same)
There are several set up strategies of column sort, which are typically utilized as outdoor billboards. Solitary column set up technique is suited for small panel. Double column installation method is suited for large panel. Shut upkeep channel is suited for straightforward box. CZPT maintenance channel is ideal for standard box.

four. Wall Mounting Kind

This installation strategy is typically utilized indoors or semi-outdoor. If the screen location of the screen is modest with no servicing channel place, the complete screen wants to be taken down for upkeep or created into a folding built-in body. If the screen area is marginally more substantial, the CZPT servicing style which typically adopts the column assembling strategy is usually adopted.

five. Roof Installation Sort

The essential to this set up method is that the exhibit monitor and the metal body construction can resist wind. Generally, it is mounted with an oblique angle or the module is created at an indirect angle of 8. It is mainly employed for out of doors marketing show.

six. Leasing CZPT ing Manner

The hoisting display need to not be large. General spot necessity is less than 6M*10M with exceptions for special cupboard resources and curtain styles. The prime is equipped with a lifting beam for lifting the screen and the base is geared up with a bottom beam. The row and row bins are connected by a hoisting system. The horizontal containers are tightened with locks.

Our Crew
It is the enjoy for clever exhibit to keep us with each other. It teaches us to persevere in innovation, and have CZPT -expression marketplace
competitiveness, although upholding a cooperative and welcoming frame of mind.

Our Mission
Adhere to technological innovation as the core CZPT of the business, and product sales and service as the corporate mission. 
Do all CZPT initiatives and knowledge to meet up with the diversified and substantial-tech standard CZPT ization demands of world-wide consumers, and produce
marketplace value and social price for CZPT CZPT ers, so that CZPT goods can be more sustainable and build a inventive and clever interactive planet. 
And have a constructive effect in the surroundings in which we live and increase.


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China Outdoor Front Maintence LED Floor Tile Screen with ce certificate top quality Good price