China Industrial Safety Photocell Reflective Light Curtain Sensor with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

HangZhou JUTAI Curtain Photocell Items CZPT , which principal like 3 measurement, PB3-4L15, 30CM height, inbuild 4 team infrared beams PB10-4L15, 100CM top, inbuild 4 group infrared beams, PB20-8L15, 200cm height, inbuild 8 team infrared beams

PB3-4L15 30cm Curtain Photocell Specifics Info Sheet

Wiring Definition

Dimensions of PB3-4L15 30cm Curtain Photocell

Set up

How to set up JUTAI Infrared Curtain Photocell? We have also outlined the set up drawings step by phase for CZPT ers’ reference, producing the installation easy, effortless and CZPT

Operation Step

Eliminate the CZPT and Base Go over, and connect the wires, and lead the thread conclude from the threaded port.

Confirming the set up placement, align the transmitter and receiver in parallel, and mark the hole positions.

Use a percussion drill to drill holes at the place of the wall marking hole, and knock the wall plug into the repairing hole to resolve it with screws.

Use M3*twenty five screws to lock the transmitter and receiver, and link the CZPT supply to examination. If the angle is deviated, you can rotate the aluminum tube for correction. Soon after debugging, lock the rotating screw.

Making use of M2*8 CZPT s locked leading go over and bottom cover, and testing.

Package deal

Prior to introducing the purposeful benefits of CZPT items, we also current the comprehensive item packaging specifics of Jutai infrared curtain photocell to you.

Software discipline of Jutai infrared Curtain Photocell

Normal relay dry make contact with sign, and tremendous anti-mild, water-proof and dustproof functions, employed in a variety of doorway control safety anti-pinch systems.

Automatic door security detection when a vehicle or a man or woman exits the door of the home, the infrared grating will detect it and preserve the doorway open until finally it detects that there is no automobile or individual, the door will be closed immediately or remotely shut.

The courtyard fence is anti-theft. When someone enters the property more than the wall, the infrared photocell will be triggered instantly, and the alarm signal will be output at the very same time to trigger the alarm.

The home garage door protected and anti-smashing. When you generate your vehicle to park in your garage, or enter& exit your garage doorway, when the doorway is slipping, the infrared photocell detects the automobile or individual, and the doorway will instantly reverse rotation and switch into CZPT the door to make certain private security.

The barrier gate protected protection software.
When JUTAI Curtain Photocell detect vehicle or people, it will deliver safe signal to gate barrier, Barrier arm will not down till vehicle or individuals passed the detection assortment absolutely.

The door and window anti-theft system, when someone attempts to enter the house by climbing the window, the infrared curtian photocell detects the signal, it will quickly deliver a signal to the installed home alarm technique, or cause an alarm.


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China Industrial Safety Photocell Reflective Light Curtain Sensor with ce certificate top quality Good price