China CE Permanent Magnetic Lifter for Lifting Plates with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Is shifting metal plate, rounds and blocks wasting precious time?
Is manual lifting creating back accidents? Are slow equipment established-ups cutting into machine output?

If the response to any of these inquiries is “Yes”, CZPT ANG lifting magnets are for you!

SHENGANG magnets are the CZPT est and safest way to transport uncooked stock and workpieces.

–Move plate steel, block or spherical metal and iron materials effortlessly and properly.

–Load machines CZPT er. Load most perform items to preserve time and improve production. It is best for loading or unloading press molds, plastic molds, machined elements and other ferrous areas and supplies.

–Quickest and most secure way to raise without having harmful slings.

–No electricity necessary. CZPT -powerful “rare earth” neodymium iron boron magnets need no electric power. There is no risk in getting rid of lifting pressure even throughout CZPT failures.

–It is utilised to raise and transfer the normal temperature steel plates in ship-creating industry, CZPT mechanical business, car industry and so on. There have 3 collection of YX and YC according to their material unloading modes.

–Rated for hundreds up to 1000KG.
–Effective magnet examined to maintain 3.5 Times the rated load for optimum safety.
–Eradicates dangerous straps and slings.
–For CZPT , risk-free, effective device loading and unloading.

SHENGANG Long lasting LITING CZPT Procedure:
First center the magnet on the piece to be lifted. Then simply transfer the lever to the “ON” placement to engage the magnet. CZPT -loaded lock retains magnet engaged right up until you release it.

Positive aspects: Safe Substance Handling & Improved Productiveness

Optimum RATED Hundreds:
Determine that the magnet will securely carry your content. The CZPT imum Load (ML) is distinct for plate and spherical supplies and also depends upon stock thickness, carbon content, and floor finish. Use these formulas and tables to estimate the ML for your substance kind.

Model Rated Lifting Capacity(kg) Overall dimension drawing(mm) Test Max.attraction Force (kg)  Weight (kg)
Stee Plate Round Steel A B C D a hundred 50 ninety two 64 seventy two 148 350 three
YC1-.three three hundred 150 166 ninety nine 108 223 1050 twelve
YC1-.6 600 three hundred 228 118 123 257 2100 twenty five
YC1-1 one thousand five hundred 266 one hundred fifty 158 303 3500 43
YC1-two 2000 one thousand 354 184 196 462 6000 eighty five
YC1-3 3000 1000 431 234 232 576 9000 one hundred sixty
YC1-5 5000 one thousand 522 294 289 728 15000 320

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China CE Permanent Magnetic Lifter for Lifting Plates with ce certificate top quality Good price