China APC-06 Controlled Oxygen Pet ICU Cage Supply Oxygen Cage for Pet with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

APC-06 Managed Oxygen Pet ICU Cage CZPT Oxygen Cage For Pet 


one.Geared up with warm light-weight, oxygen door, 16-little bit CZPT interface, damp and dry temperature screen, leakage defense.
2. Thermostat, over temperature electric CZPT off, safe and reputable.
three. Cage construction is sensible, tremendous strain, sturdy and durable.
four. CZPT sliding doorway lock layout, computerized locking, excellent safety.
5. Pedal mesh and cage doorway high frequency and substantial recent welding, powerful without having welding.
six. The entire spherical corners of the dirt plate are developed, no lifeless corners are left, handy washing.
seven. The base shifting brake wheel, silent, use-resistant, effortless to change and fix.
eight. Optional combination, can be CZPT ized


The out dimension 1220*seven hundred*1815mm(L*D*H)
The upper cage 610*610*700mm (L*H*D)
The underneath cage 610*820*700mm (L*H*D)
Grime plate 687*540*45mm (L*W*H)
Foot mesh 687*545*10mm (L*W*T)
Upper cage door 470*480*8mm (L*H*T)
Lower cage door 530*690*8mm (L*H*T)

Electrical power CZPT Layer 1220*600*120mm (L*H*T)

The entire is made of 304 stainless metal, which is resistant to corrosion, acid and rust. The thickness of the cage content is 1.2mm, the diameter of the cage door is 8mm, the diameter of the wire foot internet is 6mm, the diameter of the wire is 10mm, and the diameter of the wire is 4mm. The thickness of the plate is .8mm. The bottom transferring wheel adopts higher-power medical CZPT brake wheel.

Taper lock bushing dimensions are outlined by 4 digits representing two quantities. The first two digits depict the highest bore diameter and the very last two digits represent the bushing size. For illustration, element variety 1008 has a greatest ID of 1.” and an ID dimension of .8″ inches, with the all round duration specified as a entire number of inches followed by a portion. For case in point, a 1.5″ diameter gap would be 1-1/2. Metric gap measurements are indicated by “MM” following the metric dimensions (X 25MM). Effortless to put in and take away, these bushings in shape on tapered bushing sprockets, or pulley. Bushing touches and wedges inwards, clamping sprocket shaft and bore. Bushing has an 8° taper and is produced of metal with a black oxide coating.
China APC-06 Controlled Oxygen Pet ICU Cage Supply Oxygen Cage for Pet with ce certificate top quality Good price