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China 28kHz Handle Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine for Sale with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

28Khz handle ultrasonic location welding equipment for sale

Ultrasonic location welding is an assembly strategy that connects two thermoplastic workpieces with no forming holes or strength information ribs at neighborhood locations. CZPT sonic place welding creates robust structural welds for big parts, thermoplastic extruded or cast sheets, thermoplastic corrugated sheets, and workpieces with intricate geometries and inaccessible joint surfaces.

The ultrasonic mildew is employed in conjunction with the ultrasonic plastic welding device. The purpose of the ultrasonic plastic welding equipment is to weld plastic goods. Because of to the different use occasions and welding supplies, the welding measurement of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is distinct, and its technical specs are also CZPT .




The welding process is super secure, easy to operate and sustain.

Rather of conventional welding/bonding processes, it is low-cost, cleanse, pollution-free of charge and will not hurt the workpiece.

No-load and no-load have resonance, no require to change the frequency of the welding head.

The hand-held welding pace is CZPT , the welding toughness is higher, and the sealing functionality is very good.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is mostly employed for the CZPT ary connection of thermoplastics. In comparison with other classic processes (such as gluing, electric ironing or screw CZPT ening, and so on.), it has considerable positive aspects this kind of as substantial creation performance, excellent welding high quality, environmental protection and strength conserving. CZPT sonic plastic welding products is widely utilized in medical products, packaging, vehicle parts, fishing gear and other industries, this sort of as vehicles, clothes, plastic toy ziplock bags, plastic wine bottle caps, dishwasher drinking water wheels, plastic phony bait, charger shells and cell phone straps welding, welding of a lighter shell, and so on.

one. CZPT cellular: (Transportation)

Ultrasonic can be controlled by a computer plan to implement welding of big and irregular workpieces this kind of as: bumpers, CZPT and rear doorways, lamps, brake lights, and so forth. with increased

With the growth of high-grade roads, a lot more and far more reflectors are utilizing ultrasonic welding.

2. Appliances:

With correct adjustment, it can be used for: moveable fluorescent lampshades, steam villa doorways, Tv set casings, tape recorders, transparent panels of audio equipment, CZPT rectifiers, Tv casing screw mounts, mosquito-reducing lamp casings, washing machine dehydration tanks, etc. Stunning property appliances.

3. CZPT :

Closure of hoses, relationship of particular straps.

four.The toy industry:

Because of to the use of ultrasonic welding technological innovation, the items are cleanse, productive and organization, getting rid of the need for screws, adhesives, glues or other auxiliary components, minimizing creation expenses and drastically improving the competitiveness of enterprises in the marketplace.

five. CZPT ctronics:

The use of automatic resolution design enables end users to achieve huge-scale creation, although making certain item quality specifications.


Item Parameter Gain: Software

28Khz ultrasonic hand welder

Straight kind

▪ 28Khz 800W

▪ Electronic generator

▪ CZPT CZPT ized

▪ CZPT alloy&Steel & CZPT alloy

▪ CZPT CZPT : 220v 50/60HZ

one. mild generator ,light hand welder.The generator a hundred and twenty*one hundred twenty*380, total weight5KG, with generator 4kg, and the 28Khz hand welder 1kg, 35Khz hand welder .8kg. Fit for hand run.

two. Special alloy metal housing, the housing of the hand-welder is light-weight but firm, not simple to be deformed, CZPT er it’d using life.

three. Digital generator, it can tracking the frequency itself, simple for run. Output /welding time adjustable, go well with for equally hand work and device operate.

PP PVC Cloth woven PE Stomach muscles

PS Nylon PU PET All Thermoplastic material, the thickness 8mm in max.


Straight variety go well with for both hand /device operate.

Gun variety match for hand run.



28Khz ultrasonic hand welder

Gun type

35Khz ultrasonic hand welder

Straight sort

▪ 35Khz 500W

▪ Digital generator

▪ CZPT CZPT ized

▪ CZPT alloy&Steel & CZPT alloy

▪ CZPT CZPT : 220v 50/60HZ

PP PVC Fabric woven PE Abs

PS Nylon PU PET All Thermoplastic substance, the thickness 5mm in max.


Straight variety go well with for equally hand /machine operate.

Gun type go well with for hand work.


35Khz ultrasonic hand welder

Gun sort

For far better application , it is better share all the materials data with me, the material, thickness, work way, speed needs prior to get .

We also supply 20Khz 40Khz ultrasonic hand-weld welder.


China 28kHz Handle Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine for Sale with ce certificate top quality Good price