China V6s Underwater Rescue Drone Remote Controlled Lifesaving Robot Research Inspection Rov Rescuetech with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

V6s Remote Managed Lifesaving Underwater Drone Rescue Study Inspection Robotic

FIFISH V6s is a compact dimension omni-directional ROV. The V6s Brings together ALL Of The Award Winning Features Of The V6. In addition, Elevated battery capability (sixty% far more CZPT than the V6), Dive up to 6 hrs in a one dive (Relying on distinct doing work modes). 

Fully CZPT ed robotic arm
V6s is capable to manage the intricate underwater operations, this kind of as, search and rescue tasks. V6s comes with a robotic arm on board, to choose and retrieve objects from sea floor.
Robotic arm modest in dimension, robust in force, adaptable in procedure. 100N clamping drive, with clamp lock function.

FIFISH V6s has many sorts of applications. For examples: 

Fireplace rescue Underwater images Ship inspection and restore System detection Aquatic goods
Salvage equipment Diving and images Subsea constructions inspection and maintenance Offshore system inspection Web cage scHangZhou unit
Underwater rescue help Diving and maritime fishing exercise Reservoir dams inspection Oil-gasoline pipeline inspection Checking of automated feeding battery
Deep-water operation robot Underwater photographic tools Pipeline inspection tools Offshore drilling system Intellectual aquacultural 
Underwater procedure equipment Underwater archaeology Marine investigation equipment    
Underwater search and rescue gear Underwater photograph Ship detection    
Underwater rescue robot   H2o crops pipeline inspection    
Underwater facility hearth and rescue robotic   Underwater reconnaissance robot    
Underwater search and rescue   Underwater robotic surveying and mapping    
    Hydropower station detection    
    Drinking water good quality sampling    
    Underwater pipeline inspection    

4,000 lumens CZPT CZPT LED
The tremendous brilliant LED can illuminate the darkness in deep h2o, and boost the picture top quality.

Excellent towing capability redefines the operational ideas of compact ROVs.
Drag, drop, tow and salvage objetcts with CZPT ly buoyant robotic arm and cables. 

Difficult and CZPT
In purchase to withstand harsh conditions, V6s ROV port and QInterface are produced from 316 stainless steel. Such connectors is corrosion resistant and powerful to from the scratch and impacts.

VR Head Tracking Management
The VR Head Tracking permits the pilot to handle the rotation by way of VR Goggles. Such distinctive feature gives much more intuitive and sleek handle encounters. The FIFISH Application provides the firstperson-view (FPV) on VR Goggles, which supply ultimate immersive working experiences.

Omni-directional Shifting Accurate 6DoF
V6S has sharp and accurate omni-directional moving, this sort of as, hovering, lateral, pitch, and so on.
Many thanks for the accurate sensors and tuned algorithm, V6S can hover in any fascinating angle (Posture Lock™). The accuracy of Posture Lock™ is 1ºin angle, and 5 cm in depth.

Increase Your CZPT
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FIFISH underwater drone profile

FIFISH is a entire world-leading unmanned underwater motor vehicle (UUV) model developed by QYSEA and focused to supplying a actually skilled underwater drone for film and sports fanatics alike in their ocean explorations and adventures.

Proven in 2016, QYSEA is dedicated to delivering large-high quality R&D, production, and sales of underwater robots. It has broken industrial obstacles to establish a major market position with its progressive underwater drone engineering. Most importantly, QYSEA is centered on bringing the public a greater capacity to hook up on with the underwater entire world together with its inhabitants and ecosystems, as well as to make higher recognition on CZPT ocean-connected problems and subjects.

At QYSEA, we have a enthusiasm for discovery in all issues mother nature. It is CZPT lifestyle-prolonged purpose to generate innovation, assist others build increased ocean knowledge, rebuild the maritime business, and deliver the 2. Age of Discovery to the entire world. Right here at QYSEA, you will uncover a solution that will match your career, interest, sport, passion for the oceans!

China V6s Underwater Rescue Drone Remote Controlled Lifesaving Robot Research Inspection Rov Rescuetech with ce certificate top quality Good price