China Sy8000g 0.4~400kw High Performance S-Curve VFD 440V with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description




two,Common-purpose vector inverter 
4, CZPT ing CZPT r 


Solution Title: SY8000-004G-4  VFD DRIVES PRICES / AC travel/ VFD/VSD  





-Functions of vfd drives

It is a standard-purpose vector inverter and it is high-tech item with conserving energy..

It has the subsequent qualities:


  1. Numerous control mode and extensively utilised
  2. Automatically identify the motor parameters..
  3. The torque output will be one hundred fifty% when the frequency is .5HZ,
  4. More CZPT ful at reduced pace even though more secure at large velocity
  5. Zero pace torque output
  6. Super-silent working
  7. Tripping operation perform, attain coriaceous secure running
  8. Quick manu design and style
  9. Easy PLC, PID adjustment
  10. Built-in PWM adaptable power braking which can rapidly device halt
  11. Compact and legerity construction
  12. Mate the clients’ style, higher stability, powerful anti-jamming ability
  13. Buit-in RS-485 comminicationi interface, expectations MODBUS protocol
  14. 25 varieties of defense features…


Functions of ac motor drive:

1. Dual-DSP + MCU + IPM high-performance, high reliability 

2. CZPT matic identification of motor parameters, automatic temperature compensation  

3. CZPT t by the excitation,speed up the rapid response to vector control 

4. CZPT  control and torque control switching online..

5. CZPT -servo lock function  

six. The friquency of CZPT wave can be up to 16k, carry out a extensive silent running

7. Standard built-in RS485 port, matching TDS-PA01 adapter to support the PROFIBUS fieldbus 

8. Developed-in PG card,developed-in brake unit  belows 22KW 

nine. LCD / LED optional keyboard  .

ten. Support for uploading and downloading parameters.


VFD drives Applications areas: 

  Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electric power, 

building materials, coal, medicine, food, paper, plastics, printing and dyeing, 

appliances, cable, washing, water supply,heating, sewage treatment and other industries 



OEM machinery: 

Textile machinery

Plastic Machinery

Packaging machinery

 Food machinery

Wire drawing machine



Winding machinery


Air pumps

Grinding machines


Hoisting machine





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China Sy8000g 0.4~400kw Substantial Efficiency S-Curve VFD 440V with ce certification best top quality Excellent price tag