China Sy8000 7.5kw Frequency Inverter VFD VSD Constant Torque Type Frequency Converter with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

It is a general-function vector inverter and it is large-tech item with preserve energy.

It has the pursuing qualities:
one. The control method is CZPT , and it is typically used.
2. The motor parameters can be immediately recognized.
three. When the frequency is .5Hz, the torque output will be 150%mulriple.
four. Minimal speed is much more CZPT ful, and higher velocity is far more secure.
5. CZPT velocity torque output.
six. CZPT -silent managing.
seven. Tripping operation perform, achieve coriaceous stable operating.
eight. The quick menu design.
nine. Easy PLC, PID adjustment.
ten. Constructed-in PWM versatile power braking, can quickly equipment halt.
eleven. The framework is compact and legerity.
twelve. Mate the customers layout, substantial security, powerful anti-jamming ability.
thirteen. Developed-in RS – 485 conversation interface, requirements MODBUS protocol.
fourteen. 25 varieties defense operate.

To update machinery, metallurgical equipment, mixer, higher-precision paper-producing methods, wire drawing device handle.
Curl handle, chemical manage, high-precision substantial-pace spinning speed management, torque handle.
The scope of software of CZPT : 2.2-75kW

Capabilities and characteristics
Dual-DSP + MCU + IPM high-overall performance, high dependability
Automatic identification of motor parameters, automated temperature compensation
Start off by the excitation, pace up the quick reaction to vector manage
Speed handle and torque manage switching on the internet.
Zero-servo lock perform
The friquency of CZPT wave can be up to 16k, carry out a thorough silent managing.
Regular constructed-in RS485 port, matching TDS-PA01 adapter to assist the PROFIBUS fieldbus.
Constructed-in PG card, created-in brake unit belows 22KW
Lcd / LED optional keyboard.
Assistance for uploading and downloading parameters.

Application places:
Extensively utilized in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electric powered CZPT , developing resources, coal, medication, food, paper, plastics, printing and dyeing, appliances, cable, washing, water provide, heating, sewage therapy and other industries.

OEM equipment:
Textile equipment. Plastic CZPT ry. CZPT equipment. Foodstuff equipment. Wire drawing machine, mixer, extruder, winding machinery, compressors, air pumps, grinding equipment, conveyors, hoisting device, centrifuge.

China Sy8000 7.5kw Frequency Inverter VFD VSD Continual Torque Variety Frequency Converter with ce certificate prime top quality Great price