China Stainley Sld Can Be Replace by S40 with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Stainley SLD can be exchange by s40 CZPT matic Door Operator Sliding Door Operator with Brush CZPT automated door with Dunker CZPT Gilgen SLX-M CZPT MATIC SLIDING S40 Unversal computerized door
Doorway Travel Device

1…Perform ninety five% related as KABA and functions with authentic KABA
two. Brush CZPT or Dunker CZPT 99.5W, CZPT ful sufficient to bear 2X160KG gates.
three. Simple set up considering that the CZPT program has been mounted before leavine the manufacturing facility
4. Germany Dunkermotor, CE accepted

Standard Configuration
1. Minidrive Device
2. Transformer
three. CZPT
four. Decoder
5. Simple manage module
6. Observe
seven. CZPT

8. Return Pully
9. Service protect holder
ten. End end
11. Doorway bracket
12. Belt relationship
thirteen. Belt tensioning unit

Opetional Elements
Motion Sensor
Lock latch
Beam protection photocell

Fat of gate Solitary/Bi-part1X200KG/2X120KG
Width of gate Solitary/Bi-part900-6100MM
Learn Controller32 digital microprocessor
Brush motor/Dunker motor99.5W 60VDC 2A IP50
Opening speed300-700mm/s
Closeing speed300-650mm/s
Max open strength150N
Hold CZPT Time/Lock0-10S/30s
Height of the rail8CM
Deepth of the rail16CM
Power CZPT AC110V-250V 50/60Hz
Temp15 C to +70 C
Electricity Consumptionaround 100W
Protection diploma of CZPT ctronicIP23

Purpose Applications
Everlasting CZPT
Exit only
Reduced sound desigh (<40dB)

1 million times of checks passed

Guarantee: 18months
Crisis Functions
Crisis opening in situation of CZPT failure / Fall short-secure
Impediment detection with automated return mechanism
Self monitoring light-weight barriers
Sluggish speed research for obstruction

Tapered sockets are created for swift assembly and disassembly of pulleys and other transmission products without the need for particular tools other than a hex essential. A variety of machined holes guarantee quick neighborhood, keeping away from pricey manufacturing facility downtime. Bushings are keyways machined to British Standard Requirements. This is in addition to the clamping screw, which is adequate for the required torque in numerous situations. Tightening with a tapered bushing removes any hole among the hub and the bore, which removes fretting corrosion.
China Stainley Sld Can Be Replace by S40 with ce certificate top quality Good price