China Jointech Truck Fuel Sensor Level Monitoring GPS Car Tracking Vehicle Real Time Location Fuel with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Merchandise Description

GP7000 is a 4G vehicle positioning terminal, all metallic fashion shell, exterior antenna sign is super robust, exact positioning, with blind location inflection point supplementary transmission, entry and exit location monitoring alarm, overspeed alarm, main CZPT failure alarm, oil and CZPT failure and other functions, and can be externally related Oil amount CZPT ng.


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Product Parameters





Dimension( L x W x H )

seventy four*55*24mmv


300g(Like standard equipment)

Shell materials

All metal

Developed-in battery

3.7V 180mAh

Functioning temperature

-20ºC ~ 75ºC

Storage temperature

-40ºC ~ 85ºC

Relative humidity

5%~ninety five%

Working voltage

DC 9~36V

Typical rest recent


Typical doing work existing


GNSS/Mobile module antenna


Positioning error

< 10 meters

Mobile Conversation Module

2G: 850/900/1800/1900

SIM card

Mini -SIM card

Communication method




Major Features

Function Description

Based mostly on 2G/4G network conversation

GPS + cell code positioning + WIFI positioning

Real-time place

Query genuine-time automobile standing

true time monitoring

The checking time interval can be set according to CZPT er specifications

Blind spot supplementary transmission

The terminal is found and not on the internet, and the information is saved, up to 300. Add when there is a sign to go online typically.

Position (version) question

The platform can remotely query terminal standing (edition) info

HangZhouage location

Established the original price of HangZhouage

motor vehicle terminal Remote update via application

Update butler remote update

Antenna open circuit alarm

If the GPS antenna is not connected, the GPS antenna open up circuit alarm will be described

Overspeed alarm

The system sets the maximum speed limit worth. When the GPS pace is increased than the established value, it will report an overspeed

Lower voltage alarm

An alarm is produced when the major CZPT voltage is reduced than 10V

Principal CZPT failure alarm

An alarm is created when the major CZPT voltage is reduce than 5V






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China Jointech Truck Fuel Sensor Level Monitoring GPS Car Tracking Vehicle Real Time Location Fuel with ce certificate top quality Good price