China High Performance Vector Control Frequency Inverter with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

1. Frequency inverter / frequency converter / AC drive / variable frequency generate / inverter AC

2. SY-8000C frequency inverter—— Electronic management device tool-purposed kind

three. Attributes:
Various handle modes and broadly utilized
Immediately identify the motor parameters
RS-485 conversation inferface, requirements, MODBUS protocol
PWM adaptable vitality braking, can quickly halt equipment
The torque output will be a hundred and fifty% when the frequency is .5Hz.
Much more CZPT ful when at lower rate, Far more secure when at large rate.
Zero speed torque output
Super-silent working
Fast menu style
Straightforward PLC, PID adjustment
Compact and legerity structure
Mate the CZPT er style
Trip suppression & Stable operating
Higher security, robust anti-interference capacity
twenty five defense features

4. Capabilities
Dual-DSP + MCU + IPM higher overall performance, large trustworthiness
Automatic identification of motor parameters, computerized temperature compansation
Start by excitation, speed up the rapid response to vector management
Velocity control and torque manage switching online
Zero-servo lock function
The frequency of CZPT wave can be up to 16k, have out a extensive silent running
Common created-in RS485 port, matching TDS-PA01 adapter to support the fieldbus.
Created-in PG card, developed-in brake unit belows 22KW Lcd/LED optional keyboard.
Help for uploading and downloading parameters.

five. More:
It has bigger torque at lower-frequency.
The responding velocity of block torque dynamic is CZPT , and the precision of regular-speed is large.
The speed of deceleration and end working is CZPT .
Much better anti-interference, and so on.

six. Broadly utilised in:
Metallurgy, Petroleum, Chemical, Textile, Electric CZPT , Building resources
Coal,Medication, Food Paper Industry, Plastics Market, Printing and Dyeing
Cable, Washing, Water offer, Heating, Sewage therapy

7, Certificates we have

eight, Packing specifics

China High Performance Vector Control Frequency Inverter with ce certificate top quality Good price