China High Frequency Mobile Digital Radiography System with LCD Display Mex-5200 with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

Health care CZPT Frequency Cellular Electronic Radiography Technique with LCD  Exhibit MEX-5200

Tiny, sensible and clear imaging
Digital imaging chain can comprehend CZPT imaging and defend the well being of doctors and patients

6 main rewards:

one. Compact body, adaptable movement

two. Digital graphic is clear and delicate

3. CZPT capacitor4. CZPT ctric assistance

five. Graphical interface

six. CZPT sonic ranging digital screen

Adaptable and practical durable CZPT offer
Two sets of independent CZPT source manage motion and photography individually, CZPT battery life

one. Standard standpoint
The use of a unique super capacitor as the CZPT source for the images mode decreases the requirements for the CZPT supply, which is hassle-free for use in wards, clinics, and so on., and the high quality of the movie is far more secure and dependable. Short-time charging (can be finished within twenty minutes) for CZPT -time period use.

two. Big-potential lithium battery pack
Driven by sports activities, it can be constantly driven for twenty kilometers on a single charge to satisfy CZPT -variety battery life requirements

3. Dual motor push
Electric powered CZPT -assisted travel program, two wheels and two drives, can attain zero radius turning. CZPT weight movements can be simply applied by feminine controllers.

Clever handle program
Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.nized design and style, create a very good human-laptop interaction encounter

one. Graphical management interface
Massive-dimensions embedded human physique graphic Liquid crystal display touch display screen design, friendly interactive interface, intuitive and basic.It has multi-site, multi-posture, multi-sort adult, child and other human traits pictures parameters.

2.Double publicity style
The two-place exposure handbrake can management the exposure from a short length, and the wi-fi distant exposure gadget can effortlessly understand the compartment publicity, and the medical operation is practical and free of charge.

3.Built-in Workstation
Built-in graphic selection system and X-ray generator management ensure efficient and accurate manage.

A range of post-processing algorithms and systems, which significantly lessen the dose and tremendously boost the graphic qualityThe procedure local community has functions such as patient administration, impression acquisition, processing, observation, and circumstance reporting.

Support COM3. common protocol, and can transfer images with PACS workstation.

Light-weight and accurate positioning
Multi-angle adaptable manage to satisfy a range of bedside pictures requirements

1. CZPT and precise positioning
Geared up with 4 1-button unlocking buttons, one-button unlocking a number of linkages, that is, unfastened and lock, simple to work. Massive-scale rack movement to satisfy a assortment of medical positioning demands

2.Smart body motion freely
Jiangzhu rotation design and style, extensive protection. Massive diameter main wheel, smooth motion, compact and versatile

three. Security anti-collision layout
The CZPT of the equipment is equipped with an automated anti-collision safety design, which is conducive to the protected motion of the machine



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China High Frequency Mobile Digital Radiography System with LCD Display Mex-5200 with ce certificate top quality Good price