China Glove Box with Integrated Gas Purification System (1 Purifier) , PLC Controller and HMI, Incl with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Glove Box with integrated Fuel purification technique(1 Purifier), PLC controller and HMI, incl
Vacuum Glove Box/Glovebox purification program/Drying gasoline station/inert fuel purification tools
1. Functioning station: 2 stations, two individual management
two. Drinking water oxygen index: Common much less than 1ppm
Universal type glove box For equally R & D and tiny-scale generation
From Solitary to Multiple workstation techniques, to be operated both side by-aspect or face to experience. With integrated Gas purification method(1 Purifier), PLC controller and HMI, incl. Sealed box, In and outward transfer antechamber, inclined operation sides with replaceable sight glass and vacuum pump and so on. Attainable purity, H2O<1ppm., O2<1ppm.
Closed loop fuel circulation
Inert fuel shut loop, fuel circulation by blower and purifier, H2O, O2 can be removed continuously.
Auto purging
The replacement of environment inside glove box can be achieved instantly by purging valves.
Computerized regeneration
H2O and O2 removal substance can be regenerated. The regeneration procedure can be software-managed.
Strain manage in box
The stress in glove box is controlled immediately by PLC. Working force can be set in between +10mba and -10mba, in scenario of force in excess of +/- 12mbar the technique will be safeguarded instantly.
Automated vacuum pump control
The vacuum pump will be activated routinely when essential and will turn off soon after a period of time of idle time
Primary antechamber
* 1 Large Cylindrical variety antechamber, created of stainless metal 304
Dia. 360mm, size =600mm, appropriate or left aspect
* With sliding tray inside of the antechamber
* Spindle lock doorway, vertical operation with lifting mechanism
* CZPT creen automated procedure by means of solenoid.
Mini antechamber
* 1 Mini Cylindrical type chamber, make of stainless steel 304
Dia. 150mm, size=300mm(100 mm entry into the glove box ),
Appropriate or left aspect
* CZPT -lock door
* Handbook procedure through hand valve.
Fuel purification method
* Removing of H2O and O2
* Container substance: CZPT metal 304
* Absorber unit: Copper catalyst: 4.5Kg, Molecular sieve: 4.5Kg
* Attainable purity: H2O much less than 1ppm, O2 significantly less than 1ppm
* Capsulated blower, 90m3/h, with frequency converter
* Regeneration, PLC automatic handle all procedure including heating, filling combine gas (doing work gasoline / 5-10%H2 combination), etc.
Technique Manage
* Programmable logic controller(PLC)
* With attributes of circulation handle, purging manage, regeneration controlpressure manage, as effectively as self-prognosis, CZPT failure restart, password defense, and so forth.
* CZPT 7 inch colour touch screen, with Chinese/English operation interface, indicate running position, box stress, humidity and oxygen value and system file., and so forth.
* The pressure in the glove box can be controlled possibly by PLC or foot pedal.
The force can be established in between +/- 10mbar, in circumstance of over +/- 12mbar the system will be safeguarded automatically.
* Various valves to be built-in into a valve-seat created of stainless metal,
Considerably less pipe connectors to decrease leakage.
Vacuum Pump
* 1 Rotary vane pump, with oil mist filter, and gasoline ballast control
Capacity: 8m3 /h, dual stage, ultimate vacuum 3×10-2mbar.
* CZPT ized box dimensions
* CZPT ability purifier with 145 m3/h Blower
Copper catalyst: 8 Kg
Molecular sieve: 8 Kg
* One more aspect antechamber
* Huge antechamber, Dia. four hundred mm, Size 600mm
* CZPT carbonate windows
* CZPT chamber interlocked door
* Tiny chamber with sliding tray
* With only antechamber purging, no vacuum
* CZPT chamber refilling from Gas cylinder alternatively of box
* Rectangular antechamber
*Versatile cabinets, adjustable up & down,
Adjustable back & forth
* 12m3/h, 16m3/h Rotary pump
* Dry scroll pump
* Prompt provider
*Other people on request.

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China Glove Box with Integrated Gas Purification System (1 Purifier) , PLC Controller and HMI, Incl with ce certification top quality Great price