China Bsmj Low Voltage Shunt Power Capacitor 4.7UF 400V with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Self healing minimal voltage shunt CZPT capacitor was utilised in 50Hz and 60Hz CZPT
method it mainly improver CZPT factor, reduce reactive CZPT loss, improve voltage
high quality. Encavate transformer quantity and so on. It is greatest preserving CZPT merchandise
which organization strong advocate and function.
This product meets the standard: GB/T 12747-2004, IEC6571-1996
Doing work Conditions
one. CZPT capacitor ought to validate still left voltage minimize to rated voltage ten% to enter
   again soon after the CZPT was cut off, generally it will want 200s almost. so it would
   choose the CZPT controller which has input and reput lock time perform after
   cut off the CZPT . If decide on usually CZPT controller, it should install speediness
   discharge CZPT products. it would not restricted which use adopting same
   electric issue enter and chip swap.
2. Altitude stage is not a lot more than 2000m.
3. Temperature sort: -twenty five/C reduced temperature, greatest temperature is C sort (it would
    not a lot more than 50°C the common of temperature is not far more than 40°C inside of 24
    hrs, a single 12 months average of temperature is not a lot more than 30°C), CZPT capacitor
    will work inside very good ventilate condition. It would not permit in sealing and
    set up issue.

Variety Rated voltage(kV) Rated output(kVAR) Rated ability(μF) Rated existing(A)
.23-1-three .23 one 60.two 2.five
.23-3-3 .23 three one hundred eighty seven.5
.23-5-3 .23 five 301 12.five
.23-7.5-3 .23 7.five 452 eighteen.8
.23-10-three .23 10 602 twenty
.23-fifteen-3 .23 fifteen 903 37.6
.23-sixteen-3 .23 sixteen 963 40.2
.23-twenty-three .23 twenty 1203 50.two
.4-1-3 .four 1 twenty 1.4
.4-3-three .4 three sixty four.three
.4-5-3 .4 5 100 7.two
.4-6-three .four six 119 8.7
.4-7.5-3 .four 7.five 149 ten.8
.4-8-3 .four eight 159 11.6
.4-ten-three .four 10 199 fourteen.4
.4-12-3 .4 12 239 seventeen.three
.4-fourteen-3 .4 fourteen 279 twenty.2
.4-fifteen-three .4 fifteen 299
.4-16-3 .4 sixteen 319
.4-18-3B(A) .four eighteen 358 26.
.4-20-3B(A) .4 20 398 28.9


Kind H(mm) Outgoing terminal Enclosure variety
.23-1-3 1053 M6 A1
.23-3-three 130 M6 A
.23-5-3 182 M6 A
.23-7.5-three 220 M6 A
.23-ten-3 220 M6 B
.23-fifteen-three 270 M6 B
.23-sixteen-3 270 M6 B
.23-twenty-3 345 M6 B
.4-1-3 one hundred and five M6 A1
.4-3-3 130 M6 A1
.4-5-3 a hundred thirty M6 A
.4-6-3 a hundred thirty M6 A
.4-7.5-three 130 M6 A
.4-8-3 130 M6 A
.4-10-3 185 M6 A
.4-twelve-three 185 M6 A
.4-fourteen-three 220 M6 A
.4-fifteen-three 220 M6 A
.4-16-three 220 M6 A
.4-eighteen-3B(A) 220(245) M6(M6) B(A)
.4-20-3B(A)   M6(M6) B(A)


Taper lock bushing proportions are defined by 4 digits symbolizing two quantities. The initial two digits depict the maximum bore diameter and the last two digits symbolize the bushing length. For case in point, portion quantity 1008 has a maximum ID of 1.” and an ID dimension of .8″ inches, with the total size specified as a whole quantity of inches adopted by a portion. For illustration, a 1.5″ diameter gap would be 1-1/2. Metric gap sizes are indicated by “MM” right after the metric dimensions (X 25MM). Easy to install and eliminate, these bushings suit on tapered bushing sprockets, or pulley. Bushing touches and wedges inwards, clamping sprocket shaft and bore. Bushing has an 8° taper and is created of steel with a black oxide coating.
China Bsmj Low Voltage Shunt Power Capacitor 4.7UF 400V with ce certificate leading high quality Excellent value