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Product Description

agriculture guide super absorbent polymer for agriculture

Solution Description
As a function polymer content, superabsorbent polymer (SAP) has powerful drinking water absorbing potential.
– It can soak up hundreds moments its bodyweight and lock water firmly.
– Soon after absorbing, SAP powder (or granule) will flip into water gel.

Item Identify Drinking water Retaining Agent/Super Absorbent CZPT mer/SAP
Main ngredient Potassium CZPT acrylate/Sodium polyacrylate
Size 5-twenty mesh twenty-80mesh 30-100mesh
Water Absorption 350-1200 moments (customization CZPT )
Successful Time Kind A: 2-3 several years Type B: 5-8 many years
Perform Drought handle / Retaining h2o / Enhance fertilizer availability / Solidification/Drinking water Absorber
Bodily Residence Non-harmful, Harmless, CZPT polluting



Sodium polyacrylate vs Potassium polyacrylate

Potassium polyacrylate will not saline soil, will not cause soil salinization, much more helpful to soil and surroundings, so it is much better choice for plants.

The cause is that most vegetation, no make a difference crops or greens, flowers, their expanding want NPK at stability, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium(Kalium), they need small Sodium(Na+), if the dose of Sodium polyacrylate exceed standard and sodium salt will be accrued in soil and harm crops, result in soil salinization

Potassium CZPT acrylate

Potassium CZPT acrylate is potassium dependent SAP, it largely employed for agriculture for 3 benefits:

  • Potassium(Kalium) has a useful influence on crops

  • Potassium polyacrylate will not cause soil salinization

  • Potassium polyacrylate is helpful for mother nature and environment

Potassium CZPT acrylate CZPT mer is capable of Preserving H2o, Fertilizer, Male CZPT , Enhances Nutrient usage ratio, CZPT , Soil condition, Income Earnings, and many others.

Sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate is sodium-dependent SAP, based on Sodium polyacrylate, we can make several client merchandise.

It is largely used as a thickening agent simply because of its distinctive potential to take in and hold on to drinking water molecules, producing it ideal for use in diapers and hair gels, and for vegetation in the yard or potting soil.

It is also used in industrial processes to dissolve soaps by absorbing drinking water molecules.


Our Mainly Programs for CZPT

one.Hydrogel for massive-scale agriculture
fifteen to thirty kg for every Hectare dosage, together with seeds gap application or ditch software to the soil all around the seed, the seed germination rate can efficiently boost and advertise seedling development. Gets accomplishment planting corn in the U.S, pature in arid area of ZheJiang , potatoes developed in Cape Verde Africa, and melon generate improve much more than 70%.

2.H2o retention agent particular for lawns and sod
SOCO® polymer is really simply utilised through the development cycle of lawns and sod. They ensure great germination, CZPT er root development, and normal and even progress of lawns. The rooting of sod is also CZPT er. CZPT absorbent polymer are extensively employed in landscaping for golfing programs and grass in parks and gardens.

three.H2o retention agent unique for mixing with fertilizers
To minimize leaching of nutrients in the soil, SOCo® CZPT mer might be mixed dry into fertilizer preparations. The behavior of plants fertilized with this combination makes it achievable to preserve or even boost yield while at the identical time defending the surroundings from leaching. CZPT rs’ take a look at results also display greater root improvement of the plants.

four.Drinking water retention agent particular for horticulture
SOCO® polymer for horticulture can be added to the soil when vegetation are planted, which will increase the survival rate of crops, improve the drought resistance of vegetation, aid plant generation, and minimize backyard treatment costs.

5.Drinking water retention agent particular for Arboriculture
Tremendous absorbent polymer is successful in the planting of trees, bushes, and jungle. It tends to make it attainable to reduce the mortality rate in the course of transplanting and to improve root advancement and consequently provides about far more quick development and production.

six.H2o retention agent special for Transpl lanting grownup trees
The use of CZPT absorbent polymer soil drinking water retention agent is one of the primary technological assure steps for the “web site formation” of huge trees with canopy transplantation.

seven.H2o retention agent particular for veggies
Utilizing eggplant, chiehwa, and ribbed loofah as resources, two types of water-retaining brokers with various particle sizes were used to elevate seedlings to examine the impact of h2o-retaining agents on vegetable seedling quality and fertility retention. The outcomes present that the higher the concentration of the water-retaining agent in the seedling substrate, the stronger the fertilizer-keeping potential of the seedling substrate, but when the focus of the h2o-retaining agent is as well high, it will inhibit the growth of vegetable seedlings, and the lower-focus water-retaining agent has a significant effect on promoting the growth of vegetable seedlings, and the little particles The seedling strengthening result of diameter drinking water retaining agent is better than that of large particle dimensions drinking water retaining agent. When the concentration of tiny particle size h2o retaining agent is 1%, the seedling influence is the ideal. The plant top, stem thickness and greatest leaf area of eggplant,chiehwa, and ribbed loofah seedlings Both attained the greatest value, and the difference was very substantial when compared with the management.

eight.Drinking water retention agent specific for CZPT ing undertaking
Super absorbent polymer is frequently employed in CZPT ing project: stabilizes freshly graded soils, maintain a bare minimum of area h2o decreases the volume of mulchprevents cellulose mulch from turning into hardpanhelps speedy sprouting of seedlings even in dry locations.

nine.Seed coating
Seed coating use SAP need to be fine particle measurement of .3 mm or considerably less, soon after SAP coating the seed emergence swiftly, robust and excellent illness resistance, this is the simply CZPT way use SAP to plants in a drought location, which also with tiny quantity, reduced price and excellent functionality.

Business profile

Established in 2009, HangZhou SOCO New Content Co., Ltd. is a modern large-tech company focusing on the R&D, production, advertising, and provider of SOCO brand name macromolecule polymer goods. At existing, HangZhou SOCO has introduced a series of a lot more than 30 kinds and requirements of products, including agricultural grade SAP, industrial-quality SAP,hygienic quality SAP.

We have more than four hundred valued clientele in much more than 60 nations and regions this sort of as Germany, the CZPT CZPT dom, CZPT , Russia, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Australia, the CZPT States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Kazakhstan. Stan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. SOCO items with a great popularity and acceptance have been broadly identified by CZPT ers in the international industry.


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1.Are you manufacturing facility or trading organization?

We are the manufacturing facility of two types of SAP CZPT absorbent polymer with more than ten years.

We are exporting to all more than the globe, eg.: North CZPT ica, CZPT pe, South CZPT ica, India, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and many others. We are committed to providing with the Ideal good quality, Reasonable cost, Outstanding provider.

2.Can i get some sample for the path?

Indeed, we source sample for your test at examination-volume for free.

Coz of the sample is significantly less in fat, we can only send it by air, we’ll cost the payment for air freight.

3.Why your price tag is not cheapest?

Of system, If you requested 10 suppliers, I think that there would be 10 diverse charges. But I am self-confident that CZPT quotation is the sensible one.

Every company can make the quotation will accord to generation expense and profit. Our cost will be the identical line with CZPT quality.

Please by no means fail to remember “you get what you spend for”. We are prepared to exchange the least volume of profit for the CZPT and the opportunity for CZPT initial cooperation.

four.What is the min buy quantity?

By sea, the min purchase quantity is 500kg.

By the air, there is no any restrict for amount.

five.This is my first time to import, i do not know the process, how need to i do?

Never fear about that, we will aid you offer with the whole method.

We have various country delivery agent, if you are the very first time to import, they will be skilled and give you the ideal value and offer with everything of transport. They will offer CZPT clearance and transportation services from the destination port to your stock.


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China Agriculture Guide Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture with ce certificate top quality Good price