China 10.4″ LCD Touch Screen Hospital ICU Equipment Anesthesia Machine S6200A with ce certificate top quality Good price

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S6100PLUS Anesthesia Technique
Helpful CZPT ful CZPT ble

The Anesthesia machine tends to make a good efficiency in Intensive Treatment Units (ICU), Operation space, Anesthesiology Depart-ment and other departments.
Expert layout for adult, little one and infant inhalation anesthesia and respiratory administration, with CZPT d ventilationmodes. Fantastic ergonomic style, it ranks higher level in safty, stability and usefulness as properly as user encounters.S6100 Plus high-end model mix verified ventilation technological innovation with the newest refinements in ergonomics and systemsintegration with an CZPT d, easy to use anesthesia table developed together with knowledgeable professionals to streamline youranesthesia workflow.

Have confidence in stage
1.Patient Centered Ventilation: CZPT in an anesthesia ventilator,from typical air flow to CZPT d modes and adapt to widerange patient.
two.Safty layout: Vaporizer with temperature, stress, stream compensationand self-lock purpose. Actual time pressure-time, stream-time loop oscillogramand higher precision ETCO2, O2concentration detection operate incorporated.
three.Alarm: A few stage alarm method, visual and sound alarm data.
four.Electricity: Constructed-in battery ensure 2-3 hours utilizing when CZPT failure.
5.Independent layout of electric circuit and gas circuit ensure CZPT employing daily life.
six.Flexible configurations capable to CZPT ize your demands.
seven.Designed and manufactured by CZPT star CZPT with over 25 yearsexperience in this spot.

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